• Elvado Vegan Classic Fragrance Free Shaving Brush Soap Tub 118ml/4oz


  • Gentlemen, each day you’re subjecting your face to an assault of harmful chemicals, cheap detergents, harsh preservatives and synthetic fragrances.  Elvado's Bio-Pure Vegan Shave formulations are loaded with African Shea Butter that is especially healing and hydrating for skin. Our Certified Vegan Classic Shaving Soaps provide a rich, creamy lather that lubricates your beard and leaves your skin feeling ultra-smooth. We offer product combinations of natural fragrance and moisturizers that are blended with Healing Herbal Extracts, Pure Essential Oils and No Animal Products or Testing.


    Our Classic Shaving Brush Soaps remind you of the visiting your corner Barbershop for the smoothest shave ever. 

    ♦ Actively nourishes the skin
    ♦ Soothes & hydrates
    ♦ Close, comfortable smooth shave
    ♦ Shea Butter formula provides a superior post-shave feel

    Key Actives:

    Coconut, Palm and Safflower Oils -- Saponified oils create a creamy and slippery cushion of lather
    Kosher Vegetable Glycerin --Naturally hydrates and softens the skin
    African Shea Butter -- natural healing properties provide intense moisture, promote cell renewal and protects against harmful UV rays

    Directions for Use: For best results use after showering. To load brush wet (soak) with warm water and swirl over shaving soap for 30-45 sec. Once brush is loaded begin by applying the brush with a circular scrubbing motion around the face and neck (wet brush lightly a few times ) until lather is thick and luxurious. This will exfoliate the skin, raise the beard hairs and surround each whisker with lather. The longer you do this process the better as it also helps to soften the beard. Using a sharp razor shave and repeat for a second pass if needed.  Rinse face gently with cool water and pat dry with a towel. Hydrate with Elvado Classic After Shave Balm. Enjoy!

    Note: Elvado's Proprietary Fragrance Blends are listed as Fragrance ( Parfum 100% Natural). Elvado products are Free of any Synthetic or Artificial Fragrances. You have our assurance that all of our Fragrance Blends are made using Premium Essential Oils and Resins.

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