• Jao Brand Beard Scent Black Beard Balm 1.6 oz.

    Jao Brand

  • The woodsy, earthy, scent of Coiffette is available in this man-friendly version. A hauntingly mystical, 17% essential oil blend of Frankincense, Patchouli and Fir in a 100% natural oil base. 

    Rub fingers in balm to coat the fingertips-cuticles. Now stroke your beard or hair to tame flyaways, soften hair follicles and smell good. You can also rub balm on dry body parts to moisturize skin. This makes a great gift and travel product.

    Multipurpose Finger/Beard Balm for Men of Distinction

    Moisturize Skin
    • Tame Flyaway Hair
    • Soften Cuticles

    Not a pomade but something new… a Bomade™ (body+pomade!)

  • $28.00

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